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As a boutique agency we have time to invest in our clients, time not offered by larger agencies focused on volume. We offer the highest level of personalized service whether investor, vendor, purchaser or landlord. Royston Realty delivers professional, honest and proven solutions tailor made for each client. Our culture is one of integrity, transparency and passion and our pursuit is excellence in everything we do.


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TONI ROYSTON | Director and Officer In Effective Control
With over 20 years of experience Toni has etched herself a highly respected reputation within Melbourne’s property industry. A proven track record in assisting her client’s build wealth through property investment is a testament to her patient, professional and ethical character.
Having held Senior Executive positions at some of Melbourne’s top developers her knowledge of the property industry and contact base is second to none.
Her magnetic personality and unwavering desire to achieve the best possible result for her client’s has been key to Toni’s well-earned reputation and continued successes.


Campbell brings to Royston Realty a deep understanding in all aspects of real estate and in particular the Melbourne property market. His expertise and experience is particularly focused upon property investment advisory, buyer’s advocacy, vendor representation and property management.
Campbell is particularly details oriented, dedicating himself to facilitating a professional and smooth experience for his clients.
In an industry where one’s manner and presentation is paramount, his pristine and professional approach has proven itself successful many times over.


Lucy has been handpicked as an integral part of Royston Realty’s team due to her ability to build strong relationships and deliver an impeccable level of service.
Caring & approachable, Lucy’s positive ‘can do’ attitude provides her with a natural ability to solve problems and provide a personalised yet professional approach to property.
Integrity & enthusiasm are some of Lucy’s strongest qualities, these attributes help Lucy to resolve issues as they arise to ensure that her clients receive the exceptional level of service she has become known for. There is no doubt that these qualities contribute substantially to Lucy’s success.


Over 30 years of experience John has had in all facets of property. During this period he has been Licensee and Director of several national property companies and gained insurmountable experience.
Experience in negotiating acquisitions, development and management processes for international, national companies and institutions.
John’s refreshingly traditional approach ensures conservative, tried and true property outcomes.


A strong network in China and a background in accountancy make Yolanda an invaluable member of the Royston Realty team.
Yolanda’s accountancy background allows for a more well-rounded opinion and strategy. Personable and professional, Yolanda’s demeanour allows her to deliver a level of premium service that Royston Realty is known for and is uncommon within the industry.

Yolanda能成为我们罗伊斯顿物业公司(Royston Realty)团队中宝贵的一员,是因为她拥有着在中国强大的人脉关系以及金融工作的背景。Yolanda的金融背景促使了她能拥有对房产更多全面的见解与策略分析,其风度翩翩且态度专业让Yolanda提供优质贴心的服务。这也即是罗伊斯顿物业公司秉承的服务态度。如此在房产行业中甚为罕见,并也以此享誉闻名。